Mozambique Project 2019 – 2022


HYY and a civil society organisation called Associação PROGRESSO have a shared development cooperation project in Pemba, Mozambique. The Project (named UHOSHA by our partner Progresso) is focused on the final grades of primary school and in particular in supporting the schooling and preventing drop-outs among girls and disabled children.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. The accessibility of primary education has increase over the past years and today most children begin school. However, the quality of teaching varies and big class sizes make learning more difficult. One of the biggest reasons for girls’ drop-outs are bad school grades. Other reasons include child marriages and early pregnancies which are an issue especially in Northern Mozambique, where the project is situated.

The main aim of our project is to enhance the learning outcomes of girls and children with disabilities and thus prevent drop outs. In particular, the project focuses on 4 particular living areas in Pemba City, Cabo Delgado. Our goal is to ensure 250 girls and children with disabilities pass the 5th grader’s national examination and may continue further in their studies. Additionally, the Project supports the local actors and Progresso’s understanding and learning concerning issues relating to disabilities.

Our Partner Associação PROGRESSO has been working with education in Mozambique since 1991. A local organisation for Mozambican disabled youth has participated in the planning of this project. Also other local organisations focused on disability issues help the project and its work promoting the rights of disabled people.

For more information, please contact our Project Coordinator Siru Varsamäki.