The journey of a comparatively new organization Kumpula Science International (KSI) started in the beginning of 2015 by active participation of few motivated students and university staff of Kumpula.The first few successful events i.e. International Xmas Party December 2014, Coffee meetup April 2015 and Eurovision Party May 2015, inspired the small team to form an unofficial organization for international staff and students. The team then proceeded to finalize the name, logo and first-ever board for the organization on 23 October 2015. Through this board election KSI became officially an organization operating in Kumpula.

KSI represents the interests of international students and staff coming from a wide range of cultural background around the world. All the events and official activities of KSI are arranged in English to encourage more English speaking students participate actively in the campus life. Our aim is to help integration of Finnish and Non-Finnish students in the campus and also in the Finnish society.

We are located at the Kumpula campus!