FoTran 2018: Found in translation

The first workshop on representation learning from multilingual data

Invited keynotes by:

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers that are interested in learning meaning representations from natural languages using multilingual data sets. The main focus is on the use of translations as “semantic mirrors”, allowing to infer meaning from translational grounding. With this, FoTran 2018 also constitutes the start of an ERC project with the same name and we hope that this event will set up a growing network that we will make use of during the project. Topics of special interest of this kickoff-event are not restricted to the objectives of the ERC project but include:

  • sentence representation learning in general
  • multilingual neural machine translation
  • cross-lingual NLP and transfer models
  • approaches to natural language inference
  • interpretation and analyses of neural networks used for NLP

As mentioned above, participation is free but requires registration (space limits may apply). There is also a pre-workshop dinner on Thursday evening for people who signed up for that event. This dinner will start at 7pm at Bryggeri Helsinki (Sofiankatu 2). Here is a link for directions.

Tentative Program

09:15 Coffee & Welcome

10:20 coffee

12:00 Lunch (catering in front of the lecture hall)

15:20 Coffee

Closing dinner at Coconut Street (Mariankatu 23) starting at 19:30. Here is a map for directions.

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Local transportation

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Local Organisation Team



The event is funded by FoTran, an ERC grant from the European Union’s Research Framework Programme, Horizon 2020. The workshop is also supported by the Faculty of Arts in Helsinki. Thank you!