The following courses in language technology are offered during the academic year 2020 – 2021. To view courses from previous years, go to the bottom of this page. If you have started your studies before 2017, take a look at the course correspondences in the old and new curricula.

Bachelor’s level courses

The bachelor’s level courses are offered by the study track of Language Sciences (formerly Linguistics) in the Bachelor’s Programme in Languages. The courses are divided into two blocks: basic studies and intermediate studies.

Basic Studies

KIK-405 Introduction to Language Technology, 5 cr [Period 1]
KIK-404 Corpus Linguistics and Statistical Methods, 5 cr [Period 3]
KIK-LG102 Morphology and Syntax, 10 cr [Period 3]
KIK-LG103 Semantics and Pragmatics, 10 cr [Period 4]

Intermediate Studies

KIK-LG221 Command Line Tools for Linguists, 5 cr [Period 1]
KIK-LG208 Programming for Linguists, 5 cr [Period 2]
KIK-LG209 Mathematics for Linguists, 5 cr [Period 3]
KIK-LG211 Building Natural Language Processing Applications, 5 cr [Period 3]
KIK-LG210 Machine Learning for Linguists, 5 cr [Period 4]
KIK-LG207 Statistics for Linguists, 5 cr [Period 4]

KIK-LG229 Proseminar, 4 cr [Periods 1 – 4]

KIK-LG216 Teaching Assistant, 5 cr [Period 1, 2, 3 or 4]
KIK-412 Working Life Practice, 5 cr [3 months of full-time work in your area]

Master’s level courses

The master’s level courses (advanced studies) are offered by the study track of Language Technology in the Master’s Programme Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities (LingDig). The programme was formerly called the Master’s Programme Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age (LingDA).

Advanced Studies

LDA-310 Approaches to linguistic diversity and digital humanities, 10 cr [Periods 1 – 2]
LDA-T305 Models and Algorithms in NLP Applications, 5 cr [Period 1]
LDA-T302 Computational Morphology, 5 cr [Period 2]
LDA-T306 Machine Translation, 5 cr [Period 2]
LDA-T304 Computational Semantics, 5 cr [Period 3]
LDA-T308 Introduction to Deep Learning, 5 cr [Period 3]
LDA-T312, NLP for low-resourced and endangered languages, 5 cr [Period 3]
LDA-T303 Computational Syntax, 5 cr [Period 4]
LDA-T307 Approaches to Natural Language Understanding, 5 cr [Period 4]
LDA-T309 Corpus Clinic, 5 cr [Periods 2 – 4]

LDA-T301 Language Technology Seminar, 5 cr [Periods 1 – 4]

LDA-T310 Research project, 5 cr [as agreed with your supervisor]
LDA-T311 Teaching assistance, 5 cr [Period 1, 2, 3, or 4]
LDA-T315 Work Practice, 5 cr [3 months of full-time work in your area]

Additional relevant courses are offered, for instance, by the master’s programme in data science.

Courses from previous years

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