Info for new staff

University of Helsinki, administration



E-mail lists:

  • lt-research AT (announcements of LT-related events etc – sign up yourself by sending the text “subscribe lt-research” to
  • lt-staff AT (LT people employed by the University; ask Jörg or Mathias to sign you up)
  • lt-group AT (LT group members even including non-salaried PhDs and researchers; ask Jörg to sign you up)
  • as-pekti AT (student organisation, linguistics and language technology, students only)
  • ling-list AT (staff in linguistics, language technology and phonetics; this is a kind of meta-list and you will receive e-mails if you are on

Info about work-related travels:

  • Don’t forget to make a travel request before you travel and before you book things via CWT.
  • CWT is cheaper if you use the on-line tool for booking flights. Otherwise they charge service fees. Remember that we have to use CWT and are not allowed to book flights via other services. For hotels, we are not obliged to use their services
  • If you have to cancel flights – don’t go via CWT unless you have a chance to get money back for the flight. Otherwise they charge a fee on top of the flight expenses if this is non-refundable.
  • In the travel request: include all cost estimates also the ones for registration and flights even though they are paid by some university credit card or billed directly from CWT.
  • In the travel report: remove those costs that you do not claim back (like registration fees and flight costs that were paid directly from the university. Make also travel requests and reports even in cases where you do not claim any money back. The travel request is important for the insurance during the trip. Make sure that you use the correct WBS for your trip.