Summer Time in the Library from June 1st

Some locations have already closed for the move, and the ones that are still open will have summer opening hours from June 1st.

Minerva is open Mon – Fri 9-18 in June-August. The Undergraduate Library is open Mon – fri 9 – 18 until it will be closed on June 29th.

  • On June 21st Minerva and the Undergraduate Library will be open 9 – 16
  • On Midsummer Eve, June 22nd, Minerva and the Undergraduate Library will be closed

The following locations will be open Mon 12-18, Tue – Fri 9-16 during June 1st to June 15th:

  • Metsätalo (closed after June 15th)
  • Theology (closed after June 15th)
  • Law (closed after June 15th)
  • Social Sciences (closed after June 15th)

During the summer, the libraries will move into Kaisa House, to be opened on September 3rd. A warm thank you to all our customers and welcome to the main library in September!

We apologize for the inconvenience cased by the move.

Please also note the opening hours of the National Library and our library user survivor guide for the summer.