80 % of our Journals are OnLine!

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  • About 80% of our more than 30 000 journals are e-journals or also available as e-versions.
  • As a student or a staff member of the University of Helsinki (= as a holder of a user account for the University network) you can read our e-journals  anytime of day and from anywhere via remote connection.
  • As a local customer of the library you can read our e-journals on the library premises either by using the computers reserved for visitors or on your own laptop via a wireless HUPNet connection. The customer service desk can provide you with a temporary HUPNet account.
  • There are several alternative routes to our e-journal collections. You can find a certain e-journal through the search functionality of our web site or NELLI or HELKA or browse e-journals on a certain subject through NELLI. You also can start by searching for a certain article or articles on a certain subject  through the NELLI article search or Google Scholar  or through reference databases provided  by the Library. You will find links to articles on the result lists if the journal in question is subscribed to the Library.