HUPS is the library’s new service for researchers of the Helsinki University and HUCS

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Material from the library to the researcher’s desk

The Helsinki University Library is piloting a service that offers Helsinki University and HUCH staff the option of ordering books and copies of journal articles for free from Helsinki University Library collections. Literature will be delivered to internal mail addresses of the University. Ordering form is in the university intranet Flamma. HUCH staff can place the order by logging in the Terkko Navigator.

HUPS – Helsinki University Packet Service, Helsingfors universitets paketservice

The service is available from May 18th and the piloting phase will last until autumn 2015. Experiences and feedback during the piloting phase will be used to further develop the service and any feedback is most welcome.

Feedback and further information:
Antti Virrankoski
antti.virrankoski (at)
Helsinki University Library