CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics – enhanced web version is now available

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chemNew to this enhanced web version of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics are:

New Tables

  •     Surface Active Chemicals
  •     Nanomaterial Safety Guidelines

New Features

  • Graph search results and data tables with a wide choice of formats
  • Access the handbook from any device – mobile device, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Bookmark individual pages
  • Create individual workspace allowing users to save searches and customize the chemical search screen
  • Gain access to archived PDF versions of earlier editions (back to the 84th edition)
  • Search 27 property fields such as autoignition temperature, density, molecular weight, surface tension, vapor pressure and much more

Improved Features:

  • Print search results and export to HTML, CSV and XLS formats
  • Export chemical structures and images
  • Display chemical structures in a variety of formats
  • Browsable indexes help to verify spelling and physical properties

New Interactive feature:

New View Chemical Entry – allow users to see all core chemical properties about a chemical, and links to all tables in the handbook containing that chemical