Publish your article open access in Taylor & Francis – APCs are covered by the library

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The researchers / article authors of the University of Helsinki have the possibility to publish articles open access in Taylor& Francis (incl. Routledge) free of charge. The possibility for this starts in 2017 and covers articles published in 2017 and onwards.

The normal APC fee would be 2150 euro, but due to library’s OA-membership agreement the library is left with the discounted APC-payment of 860 euro.

Instructions on how to publish open access articles in T&F journals:

  1. T&F sends the corresponding author a message about the acceptance of the article and informs author about the possibility to publish the article open access.
  2. The library sends a confirmation to T&F about the discounted APC-payment, after which the corresponding author can confirm the open access CC-license chosen in the T&F publishing system. If you don´t choose any license, CC-BY will automatically appear as default.

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