Campaigning for peace and quiet: Keep an eye on your belongings

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Campaigning for Peace and Quiet in the Helsinki University Library, March 5th-13th 2018.

You sit in the library with your jacket, bag, books, phone, maybe laptop too, and you need to go to the toilet. It’s only for five minutes, so, what to do? Let me guess: You rush to the nearest toilet, and leave all your belongings to the reading table. Am I right?

It’s handy, yes, but that’s not the way to do it. There’s been quite an unpleasant wave of theft going on in the library this winter, and the property has been stolen even in the presence of the owner.

Please, stay alert while you’re at the library and keep an eye on your belongings. Do not leave your things behind your back so that you do not see them. Do not leave valuables in your pockets.

To prevent theft

  • Never leave your belongings unattended.
  • Secure your bag by placing its strap under your foot or around the foot of your chair.
  • Immediately report to the library staff if you notice something suspicious.

Use lockers

There are lockers in all library locations, where you can leave your belongings.

  • At the Main Library the lockers are on the 3rd floor, near the main entrance in Fabianinkatu, next to the toilets. The lockers work with a 2 euro deposit.
  • At the Kumpula Campus Library the lockers are on the 2nd floor at the Exactum corner. The lockers work with a 0,20 euro deposit.
  • At the Terkko Health Hub you’ll find the lockers both from the 1st and the 2nd floor. In the entrance lobby, the lockers work with a key, other lockers work with a four-digit code.
  • At the Viikki Campus Library the lockers are on the 3rd and 4th floor, between group study rooms and reading area. The lockers work with a key, which you can borrow from the customer service with your library card. Loan period for the key is 4 weeks.

If you’re a victim of theft

  • Tell the library staff.
  • Send message to turvallisuusvalvomo [at]
  • Provide an accurate description of the theft with the following details:
    1) time and place,
    2) your description (e.g. colour of clothing), and
    3) what items has been stolen.
  • Report the theft to the police. Inform them that the surveillance tape can be inquired from University of Helsinki security services.