Research Data Management basics – sign up for the courses on 23.10., 22.11. and 11.12.

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How to define and describe research data and materials? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely?  How to use DMPTuuli in research data management planning?

These and other basic questions will be answered in a RDM basics (Research Data Management) lecture. RDM basics lectures with the same content is running throughout the year. Lectures are open for University of Helsinki students and personnel.

Edit 14.8.2018: UNFORTUNATELY ALL SESSIONS FOR THE FALL TERM 2018 ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED. The schedule for the spring term 2019 RDMBasics lectures will be announced by the end of the year. Please, follow the Datasupport Courses & workshop event calendar.

RDM basics lectures / late fall 2018
Kaisa House, It class (5057), 5th floor

Tuesday October 23, 10-12 am
Thursday November 22, 12-2 pm
Tuesday December 11, 10-12 am


The primary language of the lecture will be English. Help and instructions are also available in Finnish.

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The lectures are organized by the University of Helsinki DataSupport.