University of Helsinki research portal presents the results of research

Everybody can browse the information about the publications and research activities of the University of Helsinki researchers in a public portal. Through the research portal, one can get information about the experts, publications, projects and other activities of the multidisciplinary university. Several publications can also be read openly.

Members of the research community for example add their publications and fields of science annually. We recommend that researchers also connect their ORCID identifier to their TUHAT-profile (requires UH-user login). The University uses the system for the reporting to the Ministry of Education and Culture and uses the collected data for example in research evaluations.

Researcher, check from our video or from the guide how you add the information to the system.


You can also participate in our last TUHAT-clinic session at the Kaisa House January 24th, 14-16 o´clock.

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Research Data Management basics – sign up for the courses on 23.10., 22.11. and 11.12.

How to define and describe research data and materials? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely?  How to use DMPTuuli in research data management planning?

These and other basic questions will be answered in a RDM basics (Research Data Management) lecture. RDM basics lectures with the same content is running throughout the year. Lectures are open for University of Helsinki students and personnel.

Edit 14.8.2018: UNFORTUNATELY ALL SESSIONS FOR THE FALL TERM 2018 ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED. The schedule for the spring term 2019 RDMBasics lectures will be announced by the end of the year. Please, follow the Datasupport Courses & workshop event calendar.

RDM basics lectures / late fall 2018
Kaisa House, It class (5057), 5th floor

Tuesday October 23, 10-12 am
Thursday November 22, 12-2 pm
Tuesday December 11, 10-12 am


The primary language of the lecture will be English. Help and instructions are also available in Finnish.

See all the courses:

The lectures are organized by the University of Helsinki DataSupport.

UH Data Support´s Data Management Plan service open until 19.9.2018

Academy of Finland September 2018 call  is open 10.9.-1.10.2018. Helsinki University Data Support´s commenting service is available University of Helsinki researchers who wish their data management plan (DMP) to be checked and commented. Please, email your DMP at the latest 19 September to The sooner the better. Plans are handled in arrival order.

NB! Helsinki DataSupport arranges DMPTuuli workshops during the August and September. See the full schedule of your campus here.

More information on DMP and RDM:

Researcher, send your publications to the library for open archiving

The requested service is now available! You can send your publications to the library for self-archiving. We check publication rights and archive your publications according to the terms of the publisher.  Send your file to and include information on where your publication will be published.

Picture: PexelsIf you are uncertain which version of your publication can be archived or when it can be archived, send us all the versions you have. (More information on different versions in Open Access: Self-archiving (Green OA).

The archiving service is available to all University of Helsinki staff and students. If you have any questions about this service, about self-archiving or about open access you can reach us at


  • Eighty-four percent of the researchers who answered the library’s patron survey in the spring 2018 said they would use a self-archiving service if available.
  • According to the University of Helsinki’s principles of open publishing (2017) all publications produced at the university should be archived in the publication archive HELDA. In HELDA the long-term storage and availability of publications are secured.

Additional information:

Translation: Monica Allardt

Tuhat-clinics start Jan 10th @ Kaisa House

During January library offers support for annual research reporting.

At the library “Tuhat-clinics”

  • Kaisa House January 10th 10-12 or 25th 14-16 pc-room 5057
  • Kumpula Campus library January 11th 12-14 library classroom G108b
  • Meilahti January 17th 9-11 Terkko pc-classroom
  • Viikki January 19th 10-12 pc-classroom 170

Other ways to get support


More information:


Do you need support with researchdatabase TUHAT?

During January library offers support for annual research reporting.

At the library (Tuhat-clinics)

  • Kaisa House January 10th 10-12 or 25th 14-16 pc-room 5057
  • Kumpula Campus library January 11th 12-14 library classroom G108b
  • Meilahti January 17th 9-11 Terkko pc-classroom
  • Tuhat clinic at Viikki will be confirmed later


See our online guide:

Need advice with self-archiving your publications?

Researchers of University of Helsinki can order personal librarian to help with Open Access publishing and self-archiving to TUHAT / HELDA.

Other topics to discuss about could be for example the requirements of research funding organizations concerning open access publishing or choosing the way to publish openly.

Please, fill out the form and make an order by the end of the year 2016. Appointment can be arranged during December 2016 – January 2017, exact time will be confirmed later according to your wishes.

You can find more information about open access and related services in the Open Access guide.