RDM Basics courses, spring 2019 (City Centre)

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How to manage your research data effectively? How to define and describe research data and materials? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely?  How to use DMPTuuli in research data management planning? These and other basic questions will be answered in a RDM basics (Research Data Management) lecture.

RDM Basics (City Centre), spring 2019
lectures in the 5th  floor IT class of Kaisa house (5057)
January 15th, 14-16 pm
February 12th, 10-12 am
March 20th, 12-14 pm
April 16th, 14-16 pm
May 16th, 12-14 pm
June 19th, 10-12 am

The primary language of the lecture will be English. Target group: University of Helsinki researchers.

Enrollments in Henkka: http://www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar
You find our courses in Henkka when you choose topic: Digital tools and procedures, Arranging Organisation: Helsinki University Library.
Contact: datasupport@helsinki.fi if you have any problems or questions about enrollment.

Research Data Management spring 2019 courses

If you are new to these issues, it is recommended that you start with the RDM basics and only after that attend the DMPTuuli workshop which are organized twice a year – mainly when the calls of the Academy of Finland are open. See all our courses and workshops: http://libraryguides.helsinki.fi/rdm/courses-workshops

Further help in research data management is provided by the University of Helsinki DataSupport via email at datasupport@helsinki.fi

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