Library notices lost on the way

The IT Center is updating Office 365 licenses, and, unfortunately, it seems that after the update, messages sent to a user will not get through, but are returned to the sender. This is resolved as soon as the user logs into his email account after the update.

The problem also affects reminders and pick-up notices sent by the library, if you have a email address in Helka.

If you have loans or requests, please monitor the situation in Helka. The updates will continue during week 13 ( 25.-29.3.).

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Helka in use, but maintenance work still underway

There was a service break in Helka August 3rd – 4th. The database is now in use, but maintenance work is still being carried out. Any fines incurred during the break will be removed. 

Loans, renewals and returns from week 31 (July 31st – August 4th) may not be correctly displayed in your account. Changes in your information may not have been updated in the database, and new cards may be inactive. If you have made reservations during this period, you should do them again. The due date for books that fell due last week and today will be moved to August 22nd to avoid unnecessary fines.

We are currently working our way through the returns. We are working as fast as we can to get the database up to date.

If your information is still not displayed correctly after August 14th, please contact the library:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience!

Change in reservation practices for group work rooms in the library

Starting in summer 2016, all group work rooms will be reserved with the Office 365 calendar. The first change starts in Viikki Campus Library, where the old reservation system will be phased out in June.

Viikki Campus Library

  • Starting June 1st, reservations will be made using the Office 365 calendar.
  • The library will transfer existing reservations from the old system into the Office 365 calendar.
  • Viikki campus library is closed during the summer from June 24th until July 31st.

Main Library, Kaisa House

  • Starting July 1st, reservations will be made using the Office 365 calendar.
  • In the old Timmi-system reservations can be made for June, but no longer for July.
  • Any existing reservations for July or later will be transferred to the Office 365 calendar.

The Kumpula Campus Library and the Meilahti Campus Library Terkko are closed from June 24th until July 31st

  • Group work room reservations in Terkko will move to the Office 365 calendar after the summer break on August 1st.
  • Any existing reservations will be transferred to the Office 365 calendar.
  • The group work rooms in Kumpula are already in the Office 365 calendar, but currently reservations have to be made at the service desk.
  • Starting on August 1st, students will be able to make their own reservations using the Office 365 calendar.

The group work room reservations in the Aleksandria and Minerva learning centres are already in the Office 365 calendar since the beginning of the year 2016.

Further information and instructions will be available in June.

More Reading Space in Kaisa House

More space for reading and working is being made available in various parts of the library in Kaisa House. Some places are already available, and more is to come in the near future.

2nd floor
Studio_20160307_131744– In addition to the quiet reading room there is now a smaller space for quiet reading in the room 2015 behind the elevators.
– A few tables will be added to the reading area in the Kaisaniemenkatu at the end of the floor.

– About 10 reading places will be added; the tables are already on the spot, but we are still waiting for the chairs.

K3 and K4
– We are reorganizing in order to get a few more work places.

Studio_20160307_131025Entrance floor (3rd floor)
– There are some reading places and a workplace where you can work standing. We will try to get a few more of those.

In April, Kaisa Library is open on Sundays

Spring is a busy time for students. In April 1000 places for study will be available even on Sundays on the City Centre Campus.

The Main Library will be open on three Sundays: April 12th, 19th and 26th. 

Customer services on the 3rd floor and the study places in the entire library will be available from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Make use of this unique opportunity and spend a Sunday in the library! Share your experience on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #munkirjasto or #sunlibrary. Every week there will be a prize draw for a gift between the participants.

You can also leave a message on the flip chart in the main library, or e-mail us at library(at)


Holiday due dates

  • 28 day loans will fall due on Jan 9th starting on Nov 23rd
  • 14 day loans will fall due on Jan 9th starting on Dec 7th
  • 7 day loans will fall due on Jan 9th starting on Dec 14th
  • 2 day loans will fall due on Jan 9th starting on Dec 19th