Students of Viikki! Join us in planning Infocenter Korona’s renovation on April 4, 2019

The heart of Viikki Campus, Infocenter Korona, will begin to undergo refurbishment at the start of summer 2020.

The facilities will be developed to better suit future needs, and especially teaching facilities will undergo a significant change. Facilities for University staff members and the University Library will be on the upper floors of Korona. The lower floor will be dedicated to libraries, students and teaching.

Come and tell us what kind to facilities you need to best support your studies!

Tuesday April 2 2019 at 14-16
Infocenter Korona, lecture room 139

The current concept plan will be demonstrated using panoramic videos and VR-headsets. A presentation about the development of teaching and the future of studying will also be included in the program. There will be time for questions, feedback and discussion by using an interactive tool Flinga at the end of the event. Refreshments and fruit will be served.

Event programme (to be detailed later)

  • Context for Viikki area and the Infocenter, Architect Mika Huhtala, University of Helsinki
  • Future of teaching and studying, Anne Nevgi, University lecturer
  • Infocenter Korona’s new facilities, preliminary concept, Interior Architect SIO Leea Åberg, Sisustusarkkitehdit Gullstén & Inkinen
  • Discussion and feedback using Flinga.

Event page in Facebook

Feedback about Viikki Campus Library facilities was gathered during autumn of 2018

Helsinki University Library conducted a user survey in September and October 2018. Feeback was gathered with Flinga and flip charts located at the library.

We asked our customers what works at the library in general and what doesn’t. We also asked specifically about group facilities, researcher lounges and the 24h reading area.

The survey got about 200 development proposals and other responses. Criticism was mostly about the noise in the library, and users wished for better soundproofing. Other topics that surfaced were ergonomics, ventilation, lighting and colour scheme. Improvements were hoped for furnishings, group facilities and researcher lounges. There was also a wish for more studying spaces.

The users thanked the library for good customer service, indoor plants and gardens, comfortable couches and quiet and well-lit studying spaces by the windows.

The library has compiled a detailed summary of the feedback to be used in the planning for renovation of library spaces.




Pop Up Event of the Kumpula Campus Library’s renovation on Wed April 25th at 1 pm – 3 pm

The library is changing in Kumpula – both in its premises and in its functions.

Come by to Physicum’s lobby to learn more

The Helsinki University Library, together with the University Student Services, organizes a pop-up event for students. Come and inquire about the details and give last-minute ideas.

  • Wednesday April 25th at 1 pm – 3 pm in the Physicum’s lobby (Kumpula campus, Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2A)
  • Event page on Facebook (in Finnish)

What is this all about?

The library’s facility upgrade project is connected with a broader project that involves the Faculty of Science and the University’s Student Services.

The library’s aim is to create a versatile and flexible learning environment on the first floor, as well as in a space approximately half of the current area on the second floor.

The first floor of the Kumpula Campus Library re-opens at the beginning of the autumn semester. The electronic exam room is moved from the library’s premises to Chemicum, and there will be some resuffle of group study and reading rooms. Also the library’s book loan and return counters will be refurbished.

The second floor will open later in the autumn. There will be researchers’ workrooms, bookable counseling facilities and study space. You’ll also find student services from the renewed library.

Read more from the blog Kumpula Campus Library to undergo refurbishment

Campaigning for peace and quiet: Library is for everyone

Quiet reading space is especially appreciated in the middle of the lively capital. We get a lot of feedback from the students, especially in the spring, that the library doesn’t provide enough reading and study space for all.

In the April 2017 survey, 74% of the library visitors were students, researchers and staff of the University of Helsinki. Approximately 6% of the visitors were readers studying for matriculation examination or admission tests.

In the Nordic libraries, availability has always been important. Availability concerns both access to information and the use of premises. It is also important to us: Although the Helsinki University Library primarily serves University of Helsinki students, researchers and stuff, it welcomes all customers.

Be one of the best!

It is important for the University of Helsinki that high school students can experience the university and its facilities and become acquainted with the university as a learning environment even before they have chosen their field of study. It is therefore important for the university that even students who are not already in the university feel welcome in all the open spaces of the university such as the library or lectures.

Study information seeking and management online!

Do you need help in finding sources for your master’s thesis but don’t have time to take a course? Try our new online open course on information seeking that is targeted at international students writing their master’s thesis.

MOOCThe course is produced by Helsinki University Library and it is currently a beta version.

The courses are open for everybody who want to polish their skills in information seeking and management.

You can look at the course materials as a guest but completing the assignments require a login. You can either:

Please note that if you have already joined courses by using user account and want to start now using your organisation ID (Haka) instead, you need to add yourself to the course again. We do not recommend you to do this in the middle of the course, because your previous assignments are only visible with your previously created ID!

The courses are open for the time being.

Experience a new way of learning and be surprised what you’ll find!

Updated 24.10.2017: added information regarding Haka login.