On Trial: Colonial America until 12.11

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Colonial America will make available all 1,450 volumes of the CO 5 series from The National Archives, UK, covering the period 1606 to 1822. CO 5 consists of the original correspondence between the British government and the governments of the American colonies.

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On Trial: Victorian Popular Culture and Literary Manuscripts Berg until 12.11

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University of Helsinki has access to Victorian Popular Culture and Literary Manuscripts Berg until 12.11.

Victorian Popular Culture is a portal comprised of four modules, inviting users into the darkened halls, small backrooms, big tops and travelling venues that hosted everything from spectacular shows and bawdy burlesque, to the world of magic, spiritualist séances, optical entertainments and the first moving pictures.


Most of these unique manuscripts in Literary Manuscripts Berg are unavailable in any medium elsewhere. They are supplemented by some rare printed materials, including early editions annotated by the authors. Each author collection is included in its entirety, allowing users to browse and search the manuscripts as they would in the Berg Reading Room. Authors represented in this collection include The Bröntes, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Alfred Tennyson, William Makepeace Thackeray and many others.

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On Trial: Geofacets until 6.11

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Geofacets is available in the University of Helsinki until 6.11.

Geofacets contains 1.75 million easily discoverable and downloadable maps, figures, and tables from nearly 100 esteemed scientific publications.

You can use Geofacets to:

  • Characterize a geologic basin
  • Fill in knowledge gaps about a region or geologic subject area
  • Provide scientific backup for original analyses
  • Integrate published data with proprietary models in a GIS platform

For more information about Geofacets, visit their Learn & Support page.

If you would like to request additional training please fill out the contact form on our website and a team member will contact you shortly.

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Trial: The Colonial State Papers – British trade, history and overseas expansion


The Colonial State Papers database is a collection of thousands of scanned documents and bibliographic records relating to English activities in the American, Canadian, and West Indian colonies between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

These documents give insight into British trade, history and overseas expansion: the earliest English settlements in North America, encounters with Native Americans, piracy in the Atlantic and Caribbean, the trade in slaves and English conflicts with the Spanish and French are all covered in this database.

More information

Trial period in Helsinki university network: 2.7.-1.8.2018

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Browse journals – trial use BrowZine

Try BrowZine to find, follow and read your favorite scholarly journals offered by HULib – while discovering new titles along the way.

BrowZine is available from your web browser and as a mobile app for your iOS and Android devices.

BrowZine is on trial until 11.6. and we’d appreciate your feedback on this service. Please, notice that during the trial period the journal collection available in BrowZine is a test collection, search results  may vary.

My Bookshelf is one of our most popular features. With My Bookshelf, you are notified anytime a new article is added to your favorite journals, keeping you up to date with the latest research.

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Trial: MGG Online until 31.3.

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MGG Online is a new digital encyclopedia that includes the second edition of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (MGG) as well as regular updates and newly written articles.

The free trial  expires on 31 March 2018.

You can also find this e-resource in Helka.

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On Trial: History of Feminism until 6.4

Available in the University of Helsinki Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism until 6.4.

Key Features are:

  • 1000s of chapters of primary source material
  • More than 1000 chapters of secondary book content
  • Over 100 journal articles from a range of Taylor and Francis journals
  • 16 newly commissioned thematic essays by experts in the field

Subject categories are Education, Empire, Literature and Writings, Movements and Ideologies, Politics and Law, Religion and Belief, Society and Culture and Women at Home.

Also available in Helka.

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On Trial: WBIS World Biographical Information System Online until 30.4

WBIS Online biographical database provides biographical information on over 6 Million people from the 8th century B.C. to the present. Included are 8.5 Million digital facsimile articles from biographical reference works including African Biographical Archive, American Biographical Archive, Scandinavian Biographical Archive, Chinese Biographical Archive, Japanese Biographical Archive, Korean Biographical Archive sekä Biographical Archive of the Middle Ages.

You can also use a video User Guide to explain the database functions to you.

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