Integrative Health Biosciences starts!

Today we will start the flagship course, GMB-401 Integrative health Biosciences of the new study track Molecular and Analytical Health Biosciences in the master’s program of Genetics and Molecular Biosciences.

Wow, it is a mouthful, isn’t it!

But. What it simply means is that 18 registered students and three excited teachers (Vilja Pietiäinen FIIMM, Kati Öörni Wihuri Research Institute and myself) will embark on a journey to create a novel course with the aim to enable the Master’s students to see what is really out there for them as the future experts of bisociences and to form the necessary contacts outside the University to get there. Very simple.

We have an exciting course program e.g. SLUSH Y SCIENCE visit, and we hope that we will be able to blog more about the course soon. Or better – the students will blog about the course themselves, because they will be in the focus here!

So, bring it on , baby!


Day #1 First step, long road

Today, embraced the future in earnest by learning to blog with WordPress in the Digiloikka with Suvi Taira and Elina Roine and our ever so patient teacher from OTE, Jere Majava. Curiosity suitably woken, now waiting for the format of the Life Science Expertome to mature.