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The Life Science Expertome is a purely non-profit, non-commercial networking platform designed to create contacts between life science students at the University of Helsinki and the main players in the field of life sciences. By displaying profiles of students and companies, we aim to enable fast and intuitive networking so that companies and recruiters can quickly see the potential and skillsets of our students, and the students can learn about future job opportunities outside of academia.

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Helix visits FIMM!

Welcome to a Helix excursion to the Finnish institute for Molecular Medicine, FIMM! Helix is the student organization for Molecular Biosciences at the University of Helsinki in the faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. Registration is primarily open for members of Helix ry. Excursion to FIMM takes place on the 17th of April (15-16 o’clock) …

Courses and News!

Welcome to LSE News! Here, LSE wants to inform students of education and training possibilities that are not part of the Master’s program curriculum in the University of Helsinki, but which could be of use for a Life Science Expert. We also want to keep everyone in the expertome posted on upcoming events and updates …