Hi there! If you ended up on this page, you probably have a question. Before sending us an email to lse-staff@helsinki.fi, take a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions below!

How is my personal information collected and stored within the LSE?

All information is collected and processed safely according to the European GDPR data protection act in collaboration with the lawyers and IT experts at the University of Helsinki. Your information will be handled confidentially and is seen only by the LSE personnel. No information will be published without your explicit, informed consent further detailed in the LSE application form. Your profile and the information submitted with it will stay on the LSE portal for a default period of three years (students) or two years (companies) from initial publication.

Your rights to privacy and informed consent are important to us. The LSE portal functions under the University of Helsinki and follows its privacy policy guidelines. If you would like to know more about your GDPR protected rights, please feel free to familiarise yourself with the data protection statement given by the University of Helsinki here.

The information I have provided for my LSE profile has changed. How can I update my profile?

All profiles submitted to the LSE portal stay on the site for three years (students) or two years (companies) by default from the day of publication. An annual prompt will be sent to each profile holder to the e-mail address specified in the application form to confirm participation and to request updates if necessary. If you would like to keep your profile on the site for this initial time period and do not wish to update or change it, you can ignore the prompt and everything will stay as it is!

If you wish to update your profile, you need to re-submit your application through the LSE application form by checking the “I would like to update a pre-existing profile” option. If you have any additional information that you would like the LSE staff to know concerning your profile, you are welcome to specify that at the end of the application.

How can I have my profile deleted from the LSE?

After the initial three (students) or two (companies) year publication period is up, a prompt to continue your membership at the LSE will be sent to you in your contact email address. If you do not wish to continue your membership, you can simply ignore the prompt and your profile will shortly be deleted from the portal automatically.

You are always able to cancel your membership and withdraw your consent to publish your profile at the site at any time by sending us a request to remove your profile here or by directly emailing the LSE staff at lse-staff@helsinki.fi. You are always welcome to re-upload your profile whenever you want by re-submitting it through the application form. We will always be happy to have you back!

Who runs the LSE site and how will it be maintained and updated?

The LSE portal is currently a pilot site developed by the students on the Integrative Health Biosciences (IHB) flagship course of the Molecular and Analytical Health Biosciences study track. LSE is run by a team of IHB course student employees together with the responsible teacher Pia Siljander.

The LSE project is a purely non-profit, non-commercial attempt to provide networking opportunities and additional education within the Finnish life science scene. As such, the LSE team is employed entirely by the University of Helsinki and funded by the Digi Leap enterprise within the University strategy to act as a pioneer project to increase digitalization in higher education.

You can read more about the IHB course, the GMB program and the Digi Leap enterprise on our About Us -page.

How do I use the portal to search for the most suitable student candidates for my project or company?

All students that join the LSE are instructed to keep their profiles as short and informative as possible. At the end of their profiles, students are instructed to pick keywords from a uniform, pre-defined list that best describe their relevant education and skillsets for a better overview of their expertise.

These keywords are also searchable within the LSE site. When the search feature is used, the profiles corresponding to each keyword will be listed for you in the search results.

How can I advertise a life science -related event or job opening in my company on the LSE site?

The LSE staff will update the site regularly with new profiles, life science -related news and new blog entries. Members of the LSE will find useful information about upcoming events and job openings on the News -page.

Members of the LSE are also welcome to advertise any life science -related news and events they would like other members and visitors to see on the LSE portal. Just shoot us an email at lse-staff@helsinki.fi and we will add your post on the News feed!

Please include in your email a brief description of your event or project and any possible photos and contact information you would like us to include in your advertisement. All posts will be reviewed before publication, and our staff will contact you in case your draft requires any modifications prior to publishing. The LSE staff will reserve the right to refrain from publishing your post in case it is not relevant to our members or is otherwise inappropriate.

Who are able to participate in the LSE at the moment and will the portal be opened up to other students in the future?

The LSE is currently at a pilot stage run by the student employees at the Genetics and Molecular Biosciences Master’s programme at the University of Helsinki together with the responsible teacher Pia Siljander. Our future aim and mission is to build a successful and functioning platform that benefits life science students and companies alike, with the purpose to open the portal up to students outside the GMB Master’s programme.

In spring 2020, the success of the pilot stage determines the scope of our expansion for the following  years. Our short-term goal after the pilot is to open LSE for all life science students within the University of Helsinki. Our ultimate long-term goal is to include all life science students, as well as students from fields directly relevant to life sciences (such as bioinformatics and bioengineering students) within all Finnish universities.

If you still have a question that was not answered on this page, please let us help you! You can reach the LSE management by email at lse-staff@helsinki.fi and we’ll get right back to you!