About Us

The Life Science Expertome is a platform designed to create contacts between life science Master’s students and the main actors of the health life science field in Finland. By displaying profiles of students and companies, we aim to improve networking in a fast, intuitive way. In this way, companies can see the skillsets and potential of out students, and students can learn about future job opportunities outside of the academic world. LSE will also convey information about opportunities relevant to the students in the life science sector. The LSE is piloted in the Genetics and Molecular Life Science Master’s program study track Molecular and Analytical Health Biosciences with the aim to grow into a useful networking tool for all related students in the University of Helsinki and later the whole of Finland.

LSE supports the University’s strategic goals to improve employability directly after Master’s degree by increasing awareness in both the students and the actors in the Life science sector and the LSE web platform is being created as part of the Digital Leap (Digiloikka) project in the University of Helsinki. The Digiloikka project is an initiative from the University of Helsinki that seeks to improve digitalization in teaching by different means.


GMB: The Genetics and Molecular Bioscience master’s programme focuses on the study of molecular and cellular mechanisms and what their effects on health can be. It includes teachings in genetics, genomics, cellular and developmental biology, biochemistry and structural biology. Students from this master will have knowledge in developmental biology and on how do genes regulate cell processes, tissues and organisms as a whole. They will also learn about the functions of specific molecules, cells and tissues, how they communicate between each other and how all they are studied.

MAB: The Molecular and Analytical Health Biosciences study track is part of the GMB programme. MAB integrates knowledge on basic bioscience and traditional laboratory testing and procedures with omic-based big data analysis. This grant the students a deep understanding of the analytics of biomolecules and their functional networks in health. Another focus in this track is the teaching of transferrable skills such as analytical thinking, scientific writing and project management, making the transition from university to work life easier.

IHB: Integrative Health Biosciences is a course within the MAB path that aims to introduce the students to novel concepts and trends of health biosciences such as personalized health, omics, new analytics and biobanks. It starts to build interactions between students and life science businesses and other actors through activities such as visits to different organizations and interviews to company representatives. It shows the students the different possibilities that the working life in the health sciences field can offer, so that they are more prepared to start working after graduation. The main focus of this course is the teaching of transferrable skills, bringing applicability to the core bioscience training of the students.