Biological Station’s Prize

A notice from the biological stations, which held a stand as well as a prize-draw at the spring symposium:

Dear Spring Symposium participants!

The biological stations wish to thank-you for your enthusiastic participation in the draw for free room and board at any of the three Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences biological stations (Tvärminne, Lammi and Kilpisjärvi).

The winner of the draw is Camila Beraldo! We have contacted Camila directly, and I think she is already eagerly planning her visit 😊

Best regards,


The 31st Spring Symposium is over!

Thanks to everyone who attended and presented at this year’s spring symposium! We’re super-happy with how this turned out in the end, and we’re very much looking forward to next year!

This year’s prize winners were:

Olli’s price (Best presentation): Josephine Couet, with “Short-lived species move uphill faster under climate change”

Runner up for best presentation: Elena Kochanova, with “Cryptic diversification of harpacticoid copepods in the lake Baikal”*

2nd runner up for best presentation: Nadja Verspagen, with “Variation in phenotypic plasticity levels in Glanville fritillary butterfly larvae from a latitudinal cline”

Best poster presentation: Giorgio Zavattoni, with Who is eating the eggs, and where?

Runner-ups for best poster presentation: Cindy Emilia Schwenk with “Calving site fidelity and dispersal of wild forest reindeer females (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) in the region of Kainuu, Finland”  and Taru Niittynen with “Effects of cortisol and oxytocin in learning of young horses”

Logo competition winnter: Roni Kantola

Logo competition

This year’s logo designer, and winner of the logo competition, is Roni Kantola (featured on the page). Many thanks to Roni for this really great design, which you will see featured on most of the spring symposium’s materials, and a big thanks for the contributions of the other participants whom we, unfortunately, couldn’t feature this year.

Logo competition

Flex your creative muscles and help design a logo for the 31st spring symposium! Anyone is free to participate, and best logo will be used to promote the 31st Spring Symposium, and (in addition to glory and glamour) will be awarded a prize at the end of the symposium.

You are free to design the logo however you want, however, the logo must:

  • Contain a visual reference to a moose (Alces alces, the symbol animal of the Spring Symposium),
  • Display the symposium title “Spring symposium” and the number “29th”
    * Be submitted as a PNG and be a minimum of 4000×4000 pixels. Use a transparent background if that’s appropriate.
  • – or alternatively, be submitted in vector format as a .svg

Submit your logo using this form (requires a google account)

Note on copyright: The person(s) submitting the logo must have the full copyright for the artwork. By submitting your design, you give the LUOVA spring symposium team the right to freely use the logo in print (posters, bags, etc) and online (website, social media). The team will try to, but might not be able to fully credit you in all instances where the logo is used. The winning logo and artist credits will also be displayed on the Spring Symposium logo gallery.

For inspiration: see the logo gallery with previous logos

Welcome to the 31st Spring Symposium of the LUOVA doctoral programme.

Programme available here:  Programme
Date: Mon-Wed, March 7-9th, 2022
Location: Viikki Infokeskus, Main auditorium by the library, Oppimistori 1054

On this website, you can find our programme, abstract book, info for participants, and history of the spring symposium (incl previous abstract books, and our logo gallery)

The Spring Symposium is organized by doctoral students from the Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology Research (Finnish acronym LUOVA) of the University of Helsinki. The symposium brings together students active in research fields related to ecology, evolution, systematics and nature conservation.

We’re inviting all doctoral researchers (PhD students) in life sciences at the University of Helsinki to give a talk at the symposium; master’s students are also invited to present their project at the symposium as a poster. 

We’re also excited to announce that Larissa Souza Arantes, Suvi Ruuskanen, and Rebekah A. Oomen will be joining us as this year’s invited keynote speakers; They will also be helping us provide feedback on student presentations, and will be our judges for Olli’s prize (best talk) as well as the best-poster-award.

The Spring Symposium is a great opportunity for Doctoral and Master’s students to get live experience giving conference-style presentations in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Doctoral researchers can apply to get one study credit for presenting a talk via course code LUOVA-401 and LUOVA-402. Master students not already registered in EEB-005, contact to discuss alternative credits for presenting their poster. Students can also earn study credits by attending the talks and writing a learning diary (Course code EEB-312).
See you there!