The LUOVA 33rd Spring symposium organizing committee

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us with any questions you might have regarding the Spring Symposium!
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Sonja Repetti (she/her)
@repettisonja (Instagram)

I am a Finnish-Australian marine biologist who loves protists! In my interdisciplinary PhD research, I am interested in the capacity of algae to respond and adapt to environmental change, as well as increasing public understanding and appreciation of algae. I also love to bake, read (my author recommendation is Ursula K. Le Guin) and be in the forest with my husband.  

Patrick Heidbreder

I am a 2nd year PhD student working with Formica wood ants studying speciation and hybridization genomics. I am looking at how hybridization affects adaptive potential, especially in regards to climate warming, as well as climate effects on ant colony performance and foraging behavior. In addition to science you may catch me bike riding, playing guitar, or foraging for mushrooms.

Ella Sippola

I am a 2nd year PhD student working in the BatLab Finland group.  My PhD research focuses mainly on synanthropic bat species and takes a multi-faceted approach in identifying any potential risks associated in co-habitation to bats or humans. When I am not busy with work, I like to pick mushrooms and berries, dance samba and take cooking classes.

Raphael Ritter (he/him)

I am a behavioral and evolutionary ecologist. For my PhD, I study the communal defense of two sawfly species (Neodiprion sertifer and Diprion pini) to understand how the social environment affects cooperation and how it contributes to the maintenance of variation in this behavior. Outside of my office or lab, you can find me hiking in nature, sitting in cafes listening to a podcast or somewhere doing sports.

Magnus Jonsson (he/him)

Hi! I am a second-year PhD working in Carita Lindstedt’s Insect Ecology and Adaptation team. As the name would suggest I work with insects, specifically pine sawflies, to understand their population dynamics and predator-prey interactions using simulation modelling. When I am not stuck trouble-shooting errors in R on my laptop, I like to walk around in nature and stare at insects (bumblebees are my favourites). Other than that I enjoy playing board/video games, a nice coffee and socialising with people!

Eetu Selenius (he/him)

I am a behavioral/evolutionary ecologist, interested in sexual selection and how population density can affect it. I work in Johanna Mappes’ EEI lab using the wood tiger moth (Arctia plantaginis) as a model species. I’m now finishing the second year of my PhD, and when I’m not staring at mating moths I like to be out in nature or watch youtube videos under a blanket.

Zowi Oudendijk

I am a second-year PhD student, interested in the evolution of chemical defence in insects and its variation across species. My doctoral research work focuses on examining the evolution and prevalence of de novo synthesized pyrazines as a chemical defence in Tiger moth species. I am an entomologist and enjoy hiking and camping in nature.