The time has come! The registration for the 33rd Spring Symposium of the LUOVA Doctoral programme (March 4th – 6th, Viikki campus) is now open. It closes on Monday, February 12th at 16:00. Registration is only necessary for those presenting a talk, a poster, or writing a diary. If you’d like to attend to only enjoy presentations and partake in interesting discussions over coffee, you are of course welcome to do so without needing to register. Providing feedback and showing support for each other is a vital part of the LUOVA community. We therefore also warmly encourage supervisors and other researchers to participate in the symposium and provide feedback on the talks and posters.

With that, we’d like to invite all doctoral researchers (PhD students) related to life sciences to give a talk at the symposium and all master’s students to present their study as a poster (see details below).

Link for registration

Please remember to register in Sisu as well if you’re applying for credits.

The Spring Symposium is a great opportunity for doctoral researchers and master’s students to get live experience giving conference-style presentations in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Doctoral researchers can apply to get one study credit for presenting a talk via course code LUOVA-401 and LUOVA-402. Master’s students can also earn credits by presenting a poster (course code EEB-311) or writing a learning diary (EEB-312). Sign up for these on the registration form and in Sisu.