Info for participants

Practical information for attendees 

Location: This is a hybrid event – we will be in person at University of Helsinki Viikki campus, Infokeskus Korona, Oppimistori 1054 (Library main auditorium), and online via Zoom. The zoom link will be posted on the front page of the symposium website.

Please bring: a name tag (from a previous conference, or get creative and make yourself one!), and your own mug for coffee breaks

Speaker feedback forms: will be made available as paper forms and online here, giving you the opportunity to mark what presenters do well and could improve, and give (constructive) feedback.
(More information for those completing the learning diary can be found in the course info EEB-312 on Sisu)

Health and safety: attendees are welcome to wear a face mask if they feel safer doing so. We ask that you please do not attend in person if you have any any infectious disease symptoms (eg. Fever, cough, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, nausea/vomiting), and instead make use of our virtual attendance option on zoom. If you are meant to present, please let the organisers now and we can reschedule, cancel, or move your presentation to Zoom.

Oral presentation guidelines

During symposium:

    • Each speaker is given 15 minutes including question time. 
    • The presentation in itself must not exceed 12 minutes, allowing at least 3 minutes of questions.
    • The session chair will signal to the presenter when they have 3- and 1-minute left. 
    • Presenters are also asked to come 15 minutes before the beginning of their session to meet the chair and check that their presentation is working.

Submitting your presentation:

    • The presentation must be sent by email to this address before March 4th. Please use “SpringSymposium33_Talk” as the object of the mail and name your presentation: “Lastname_Firstname.pdf” or “Lastname_Firstname.ppt”
    • The presentation will be displayed from the auditorium computer that supports PDF and PowerPoint presentations. 16:9 landscape is the optimal presentation format. Video and sound files are supported in the room and can be displayed, you can include them in your presentation or enclosed them in the email with your presentation if they cannot be included in the presentation. 
    • If your material is too heavy to be attached in an email, provide us the link to the sharing system hosting the files (eg. Funet FileSender;
    • You will be in charge of controlling the advance of your presentation and of the changes of support if you have files outside of your presentation, so please come before your session to check that everything works fine.
    • Please come also with your presentation and any relevant files on a USB drive or with another backup in case the one you sent is not working.
    • When making your presentation, please keep in mind that some people are affected by color blindness and that you can easily make color-blind friendly presentations. Here are some resources to help you do so:
    • Please upload this logo on the slides when you don’t want their content to be shared or taken in picture.


Poster Guidelines

    • This year the poster will not be printed but displayed on screens spread across the poster room. To better fit the screen format, we will ask the presenters to create landscape-format posters. 
    • We recommend using A0 (841x1189mm) for formatting the poster. 
    • When making your poster, please keep in mind that some people are affected by colour blindness and that you can easily make colour-blind-friendly posters and graphs/illustrations.
    • Please upload this logo on your poster if you don’t want its content to be shared.