Group mentoring is back – sign up as a mentor (we’ve extended the application period)!


The group mentoring program 2020–2021 will start again in November, and we are now looking for mentors for students.

This is a jubilee year: this is the 10th year of group mentoring in HU! You now have a great opportunity to help students towards graduation and working life.

Group mentoring means sharing your own skills and life experience with a small group of students at different stages of study. 2–4 students are selected for the group. Language of the groups can be Finnish, Swedish or English. Students of the University of Helsinki need support from alumni of their own fields. You now have the opportunity to provide this support in the students’ path towards graduation and working life!

Applying for the 2020-2021 Group Mentoring Programme

The group mentoring programme of 2021–2021 will be kicked off with an initial meeting  on November 25th 2020. A final meeting will be organized in May 2021.

The joint events for this season of the mentoring programme are organised remotely. You can participate in remote events through Zoom. To participate, you need a computer, smartphone or tablet. Between the initial and final meeting the mentoring groups will meet approximately once a month.

Sign up for the programme on this page!

The last day to apply is 20th of Sebtember (NOTE! We’ve extended the application period)

We will contact all mentor applicants at the end of September.

More information: and Marja Peltomäki, (marja.peltomaki(at)