Newsletter 1/2016

The first MILDRED Newsletter was emailed today. You can read it also below.

The aim of MILDRED is to provide researchers with a state-of-the-art research data infrastructure and design data related services to help researchers of different diciplines. The project try to take into account continually changing needs of the researchers in the diverse community where participants have an influence on results. Secondly, this kind cooperation between various areas of the research e.g. from digital humanities to natural sciences give opportunities to make surprising discoveries and creative insights.

Therefore we invite research to join this user group of the Project MILDRED.

1 What’s going on? Some words about the MILDRED Project and it’s subprojects.

Digitalization of Research Data Services Delivery
This project will start on the autumn. Currently we are preparing the project and collecting pieces of the information. More about this project on autumn.

Data Repository Service
This project is up and running. Currently we are sorting out possible solutions for repository platform and describing use cases for the repository services. Next autumn user group will have a possibility comment these use cases and platform ideas before any decisions.

Data Publishing and Metadata
The project is on the planning phase and the project plan will be ready on the autumn.

Data Storage and Backup
This project is also up and running. Currently we are on starting phase of the project and preliminary discussions about co-operation with CSC has taken place. Other possibilities will be evaluated on autumn and will be based on possible use cases.

Implementation of Data Management Planning Tool – Tuuli
Data management planning tool Tuuli ( will help you write data management plans for Academy of Finland, European Commission (Horizon 2020), TEKES, National Institutes of Health and other funders applications. This is the service you can use already.

2. Survey

As a part of the project three, data publishing and metadata services development, a survey was sent to the University of Helsinki researchers before Midsummer about research data repositories currently in use. Reasons for not using a specific repository were also asked.

Delightfully, over 200 answers has been gathered so far.  Warm thanks to all who answered! All information about depositing  practices and preferences is extremely valuable in planning the future data services.

The survey is still open and all the researchers in the University of Helsinki are welcome to participate. If you haven’t answered but would like to, please visit the survey: The survey will end on 15.7.2016.

3. Autumn 2016

The Project MILDRED will organize on autumn meeting of the user group and you will be invited. More information on August when next user group email will be send. Themes of the meeting are for example use cases, possible research data service ideas and concepts.

4. Have you some points of view you like to say to everybody but don’t know how?

If yes, you can always offer texts to the MILDRED’s blog ( If you have some idea, please don’t hesitate to contact us  via email (

Have a nice summer and don’t forget to rest!