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Building better RDM guidance

The aim of the Mildred M5 group is the implementation of the data management planning tool DMPTuuli which helps you write data management plans. In data management plan you give a brief description of how you will collect, manage and store your data, and how the data can be used now and in the future. Many research funders like Academy of Finland require a data management plans in their funding applications. DMPTuuli links the funders requirements, the guidance and the support services provided by the UH to the same user interface.

In the M5 project the focus is on writing targeted research data management (RDM) guidance to researchers and students in the University of Helsinki. The current guidance in DMPTuuli is generic level instructions for all disciplines. Obviously, on size doesn’t fit for all and so we are planning to create discipline or data type specific guidance to better meet your demands.

First we are planning to make simplified guidance aimed for those who are not so familiar with the data management plans. So far we have defined the principles of the good guidance and benchmarked the available RDM guidance made by other organizations. At the moment we are writing a glossary of terms related to RDM.

In the next phase we will discover the needs for more specific guidance. For example, the sensitive data that needs to be anonymized might benefit of having RDM guidance that would go deeper than the generic level instructions.

But, we cannot write guidance without your contribution. Now that we are working on the beginner level guidance aimed for students for example, we would be happy to have volunteers to help us by giving comments and suggestions on what kind of guidance would be useful for students. And furthermore, if your research group has a need for more specific RDM instructions, please let us know! Feel free to use our feedback form or leave a reply to this post.

Licenses and next meeting of the user group

First things first. Next the MILDRED User group meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st February 2017 from 10 to 12. The venue will be Biomedicum Helsinki 1 (Haartmaninkatu 8),  Kokoushuone 3 (

Last day to register is 26th January 2017 and you can do the registration here:

Then, some thoughts about licenses.

It is important to define terms and conditions of the data, codes, materials etc. before someone else going to use them. It makes life easier if users know these things.

Therefore we have thought that we describe principles of the the Project MILDRED licenses before we have services or softwares anywhere. Idea is that you can comment this proposal. The steering group of the project will make decisions later, after the user group have had a possibility to comment these things.

The proposal:

If there is not any legal restrictions or other powerful arguments to some other licenses, within the Project MILDRED will be used following licenses:

The legal restriction could be for example so called copyleft license or use of the commercially licensed software etc. The powerful argument could be also a will of the owner of the information or material.

We like to hear your opinion about this proposal. You can leave your comment to this blog or you can use the feedback form of the project:

EDIT: 21.12.2017 Venue and registration.