Licenses and next meeting of the user group

First things first. Next the MILDRED User group meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st February 2017 from 10 to 12. The venue will be Biomedicum Helsinki 1 (Haartmaninkatu 8),  Kokoushuone 3 (

Last day to register is 26th January 2017 and you can do the registration here:

Then, some thoughts about licenses.

It is important to define terms and conditions of the data, codes, materials etc. before someone else going to use them. It makes life easier if users know these things.

Therefore we have thought that we describe principles of the the Project MILDRED licenses before we have services or softwares anywhere. Idea is that you can comment this proposal. The steering group of the project will make decisions later, after the user group have had a possibility to comment these things.

The proposal:

If there is not any legal restrictions or other powerful arguments to some other licenses, within the Project MILDRED will be used following licenses:

The legal restriction could be for example so called copyleft license or use of the commercially licensed software etc. The powerful argument could be also a will of the owner of the information or material.

We like to hear your opinion about this proposal. You can leave your comment to this blog or you can use the feedback form of the project:

EDIT: 21.12.2017 Venue and registration.