Last DH Research Seminar of 2015 + seasonal party

Dear All,

Welcome this Friday to our last Digital Humanities Seminar of the year. We will be discussing Anna Kajander’s presentation “Digital book culture and the new reading habits”. Harri Heikkilä (Aalto) will comment.

At the same time, we will start forming the programme for the Spring 2016. The seminar reconvenes in February and will keep running until May. If you want to present, suggest someone to be invited to present, or if you have any other new ideas, feel free to come and discuss them on Friday (or send a note).

Friday’s seminar will end in a small seasonal party. We will have some wine to drink and little something to eat. Feel free to bring also your own wine, or something else to consume, if you want to.

NB! Venue. Please note that the seminar will convene this Friday at the MORPHOLOGICAL ARCHIVE (Muoto-opin arkisto) 4th floor of the Main Building of the University of Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 33) because of the seasonal party. The Morphological archive is at the north end of the 4th floor corridor, at the “new side” of the main building. So, we will NOT be at Metsätalo on Friday.

Kokoonnutaan siis Muoto-opin arkistossa, Helsingin yliopiston päärakennus, 4 kerros, käytävän pohjoispääty.

All welcome!


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