Digital Humanities Teaching at University of Helsinki, Spring 2016

Digital Humanities teaching continues in the Spring 2016. Listed below you can find a number of different courses to choose from. Please note that the range of possible courses is not limited to these and more available courses will be updated here during the spring (also, suggestions of courses to be included are welcome).

For those who want to participate in DH3 – a hackathon-style multidisciplinary project (5 credits) that incorporates humanists, social scientists and computer scientists in the spring 2016 (intensive period 16.5.-20.5.16), please contact

Digital Humanities weboodi.

DH1 Theory and Practice

Translation studies: Digitaaliset aineistot (CKT279), time: 17.03.-28.04.16; Thursdays at 10.15-11.45, 3 credits

Finnish language: Käsiteanalyysi ja termityö (SSU311/SSU356), time: 19.01.-26.04.16; Tuesdays at 10.15-11.45, 4 credits

History: Digitala källor och medier (HHR233), time: 16.3.-4.5.16; Wednesdays at 12.15-13.45, 5 credits

History: From Civilization to the Witcher – Games as Culture and History (Mkk351/Hhr222/360/Hyl214A/Hss213B); time: 18.03.2016 -12.05.2016, 5 credits

Church History: Kirjahistorian perusteet (KH260A), time: 18.01.-26.02.16, online course, 5 credits

Church History: Kirjahistorian lähteet ja metodit (KH260B), time: 27.01.2016 -29.02.2016 (27.01.16, Wednesday at 12.00-16.00; 08.02.-29.02.16, Monday at 12.00-16.00), 5 credits

Asian Studies: Digital Media in India: Religion, Culture, Society seminar course (WAS211; WAS212; WSA321; WAS 324, WED 12-14, 20.1.2016-4.5.2016)

DH2 Methods

Art history: Paikkatiedon (GIS) sovellukset kulttuurintutkimukseen (TTA250), time: 17.03.-28.04.16, 5 credits

Finnish language: Johdatus korpuslingvistiikkaan ja kielitieteen laskennallisiin menetelmiin (Ssu221-226, Ssu351-NORSU1), time: 19.01.2016 -03.03.2016, 3 credits

Language technology: Korpuslingvistiikan johdantokurssi (CLT150), online course, time: 18.01.2016 -04.03.2016, 3 credits

Translation studies: Kääntämisen tietotekniikka (CKT114), time: 17.03.2016 -28.04.2016, Thursdays, 16.15-17.45, 3 credits

Language technology: Johdatusta luonnollisen kielen käsittelyyn (CLT120), online course, time: 14.03.-06.05.16, 3 credits

Translation studies: Konekäännös (CKT276), time: 20.01.-02.03.16, Wednesdays at 14.15-15.45, 3 credits

Language technology: Modeling Meaning and Knowledge, time: 18.1.-2.5.16, Mondays at 14.15-15.45

Social Science: Complex systems (Computational Social Science study block), Time: 22.1.-4.3.2016, 5 credits

In addition, many of the courses offered at Aalto and in Computer science (HY) fit the Methods part of the module. The inclusion of other courses should be negotiated separately. Examples of such courses are:

University of Aalto: Ohjelmointia Scalalla (MOOC)

Computer science: Ohjelmoinnin MOOC (Java)

Aalto: Machine Learning: Basic Principles

Aalto: Statistical Natural Language Processing

Aalto: Information Visualization

Computer science: Introduction to Machine Learning

Computer science: Data Mining (guided self study)

Computer science: Big Data Frameworks

DH3 Multidisciplinary project (5 credits), intensive period 16.5.-20.5.16, Monday to Friday, 9.15-17.00 (for the spring 2016 course, contact Mikko Tolonen,