Digital Humanities Research Seminar, Spring 2016

DH Research Seminar continues in the spring at Metsätalo (U40), Lecture Room 5 (3rd floor) [exceptions noted below].


Friday 19.2.2016 at 16.15-18: Eetu Mäkelä, (all) the (different) Digital Humanities. For this meeting, please read the following article in advance: The Landscape of Digital Humanities

Live broadcasting: Google Hangouts On Air at

Friday 4.3.2016 at 16.15-18: Discussion about Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference (15.-17.3.2016) with a chance to introduce one’s own presentation and get feedback.

Wednesday 23.3.2016 at 16.15-18: Wrap up of Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference and sharing of Oslo experiences.

Friday 8.4.2016 at 16.15-18 Professor Caroline Bassett (Sussex Humanities Lab), “Bad representation: or why Digital Humanities hates Cultural Studies”

Wed 20.4. at 10am Mike Mertens, Dariah & Digital Humanities in Cultural Heritage Research.  Metsätalo, lh 4 (Unioninkatu 40) …

Wednesday 4.5.2016 at 16.15-18 Professor Jane Ohlmeyer (Trinity College Dublin), The 1641 Depositions: Records of Massacre, Atrocity & Ethnic Cleansing in Seventeenth-Century Ireland (NB! Venue: Metsätalo (U40), Lecture Room 4 (2nd floor)

Thursday 12.5.2016 at 15.15: Jaakko Suominen (Professor of Digital Culture, University of Turku): “Digitality and materiality in culture” (in English). Place: Topelia, D112

Friday 13.5.2016 at 16.15-18 Emily ÖhmanMulti-dimensional approaches to sentiment analysis

Friday 27.5.2016 at 16.15-18 Holger Kaasik, Digital analysis of medieval liturgical calendars – the case of 14th and 15th century Vatican manuscripts

If any questions, please ask. And, as always, all welcome!

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