Guidelines for proposals

These guidelines encompass the proposals paper sessions, symposia, posters and roundtables

A NERA proposal for presentation must be written in English, have an abstract of 500 words or less and indicate the following:

▪ Title of paper
▪ Author(s) of proposal and contact information
▪ Research topic/aim
▪ Theoretical and methodology framework
▪ (Expected) conclusions/findings
▪ Relevance to Nordic educational research.
▪ Attachment to NERA-network (first and second priority) and/or symposium
▪ Language of the presentation

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Paper Sessions

Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of papers of an ongoing or completed research. Time frame of each paper presentation is 20-30 minutes including presentations and discussions. Max. 4 papers will be presented in each parallel session. In the abstract submission it must be specified to which NERA network the author wants to present the paper. For further information about the networks, see more on NERA’s homepage. A conference attendee will be limited to present a maximum of two papers (as a first author) at the NERA congress.


A symposium session builds on a theme and is proposed and planned by a symposium organizer.The papers focus on a common theme. A symposium has a chair (often the organiser) and one or more discussants, who have read the papers in advance. Some symposia will overlap more than one session. The symposium organizer will decide how the symposium is to be organised and the time allotment for each presentation. It is recommended that at least two different countries/national perspectives must be represented in the symposium.

The organizer of the symposium submits a proposal (as organiser’s text) with a plan for the symposium including:

1 The title of the symposium,
2 An abstract describing the entire symposium,
3 The names of the contributors, titles of their presentations and their abstracts

Roundtable Discussions

A roundtable session is a forum for the presentation and discussion of developmental work and research plans. Roundtable sessions are intended for focused discussions in small groups of research in progress, practitioner experiences, educational improvement initiatives and issues in institutional effectiveness and improvement.

The organizer of the Roundtable discussions submits a proposal (as organizer’s text) with a plan for the Roundtable including:

1 The title of the Roundtable,
2 An abstract describing the entire Roundtable,
3 The names of the contributors

The abstract proposal must describe the focus and purpose of the session and ways in which participants will be engaged. In the abstract it shall be specified to which NERA network the presentation is assigned.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions offer a more informal opportunity to present a project visually rather than orally by means of a poster. During poster sessions, participants peruse poster stations, a format maximizing interaction between participants and presenters.

The abstract proposal must describe the focus of the poster. In the abstract it must be specified to which NERA network the poster is assigned. Posters should be prepared for the Conference in A1/portrait (upright 841 x 594 mm).