Current interests:

I am interested in the science of motivation, interaction, and behaviour change. These processes we study in relation to mental wellbeing (e.g. work motivation, stress management) and physical health behaviours (e.g. healthy diet).

  • What processes characterise successful long-term, sustainable behaviour change?
  • What are the best strategies to change motivation and behaviour?

Ongoing research projects (as PI):

Past projects:

  • Self-management of motivation; Academy research project 2016-20
  • Understanding mechanisms of behaviour change in interventions to promote well-being, Academy of Finland Research Fellowship 2015-20
  • Behaviour Change Science & Policy 2019-20 (Argumenta project, Finnish Cultural Foundation)
  • Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based strategies to promote physical activity; Academy of Finland, key project 2016-18
  • Development of a theory-based behaviour change intervention to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour (OKM, STM), 2012-15
  • Evaluation of the Let’s Move It intervention in a field RCT (OKM), 2015-17
    • My team has systematically developed the Let’s Move It intervention to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary time in vocational schools. Our evidence synthesis phase (ALiAS Evidence Synthesis Phase) informed intervention development but also produced a number of research publications.

Past research:

  • My talk in PopHealth event (2014) gives a popularized overview of the research topics that our group in Helsinki University was then interested.


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