Seminar Schedule Fall 2019

Fall Schedule:

19.9. Johan Strang: The Rhetoric of Nordic Cooperation

3.10. POSTPONED: Maja Hagerman: The Gaze of the Racial Biologist. Collaboration over national borders within the scientific network for racial hygiene in 1910- 1935

17.10. Paula Merikoski: Contentious hospitality and resistance in home accommodation of asylum seekers in Finland

31.10. Tuire Liimatainen: Multidimensional perspectives on Sweden-Finnishness

14.11. Lysiane Lasausse et. al.: “Negotiating the Nordic – approaches to regionality in video games” / Frederik Forrai Ørskov: “Intellectual Collaboration: Nordic Intellectuals in Nazi Cultural Internationalism, 1933-45”

28.11. Jana Lainto

5.12. Maja Hagerman: The Gaze of the Racial Biologist. Collaboration over national borders within the scientific network for racial hygiene in 1910- 1935

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Seminar schedule spring 2019

17.1. Jani Marjanen and Johan Strang: “Rhetorics of Nordicness”

31.1. Tuire Liimatainen: “From Inbetweenness to Invisibility: Changing Representations of Sweden-Finnish Authors”

14.2. Matilda af Hällström: “Lost and Found: Nordic Identity and Peace in the post-Cold War Era”

28.2. Heidi Haggrén: “Conflicting Loyalties: Nurses’ Collective Organization in Finland”

14.3. Lysiane Lasausse: “Game Noir: reimagining the negatives of the Nordic image”

28.3. Jana Lainto: “‘A Small Nation Once Feared by the Whole of Europe’: Portraying Sweden in Czech Travelogues of the Late 19th century”

11.4. Peter Stadius

25.4. Frederik Forrai Ørskov

Seminar schedule autumn 2018

Seminar schedule autumn 2018

20.9. Peter Stadius: “The Norden Associations – Hundred years of promoting Nordism”

4.10. Nemanja Nenadovic: “Family Language Policy of Transnational and Immigrant Multilingual Families in the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland”

18.10. Mikael Björk-Winberg: ““Eviva Garibaldi, il nostro liberatore!” Fennomania, Scandinavism and Liberalism in the correspondence of Emil von Qvanten in the 1850s and 1860s

1.11. Sara Cederberg: “The battle for modernism” (From the PhD Thesis: “The re-enchantment of culture: the literary debate in Sweden 1960-1980”)

15.11. Frederik Forrai Ørskov: “Revisiting the early Nordic Peace Movement: Fredrik Bajer and the Pan-Scandinavian Origins of “Nordic Peace”

29.11. Aura Kostiainen: “The Nordic countries as the future horizon in the Finnish Criminal Law Committee work 1972–1976”

13.12. Pikkujoulut/Lilla jul (starting at 5 pm)

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian room). Welcome!

Seminar schedule spring 2018

18.1. Merle Wessel: “Balls to the Wind – Castration of Sex Offenders in Germany and the Nordic Countries, ca. 1930-2000“.

15.2. Jana Lainto: “Arnošt Kraus as a Mediator of Danish Culture in the Czech lands/Czechoslovakia, 1890s – 1930s”

1.3. Maïmouna Jagne-Soreau: “Postmigration literature in the Nordic countries”


5.4. Katarina Pettersson: “Save the nation! A social psychological study of political blogs as a medium for nationalist communication and persuasion”.

19.4. Corinna Casi: “Sami Traditions and Food (In)security in the Arctic”

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian room). Welcome!

Seminar schedule autumn 2017

Schedule for the autumn term 2017 will be confirmed and updated on this webpage. In case you are interested in giving a presentation at the NSRS seminar this autumn, please contact the seminar coordinator Tuire Liimatainen at tuire.liimatainen(at)

14.9. Merle Wessel: “Primodos in Finland. A Bioethical Case Study.” 

28.9. Eija Niskanen: “Moomin’s Adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun – Tove Jansson and Japan” + Presentation of Science Basement 

12.10. Alan Granadino: “In search of a model. PSOE-SAP relations during the Spanish transition to democracy”


23.11. Louis Clerc: “Still the Cinderella Service? Perspectives on the Contemporary History of Nordic Consular Services”

7.12. Andrew Newby: “Our Brothers’ Misfortune”: Famine Relief and Scandinavian Identity 1856-68

21.12. Ainur Elmgren: “Our Secret Weapon – Minority Strategies of the Finnish Tatars 1890-1960”

  • After the seminar you are warmly welcomed to join post-seminar Christmas glögi at the Russian Room!

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 14:15-15:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian Room). Welcome!

Seminar schedule spring 2017

18.1. Ainur Elmgren: “’The Jesuits of Our Time’ – The Jesuit Stereotype and the Revolutionary Year 1917 in Finland”

  • Please note the different time and place! This seminar session will be held on Wednesday January 18th at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 D113)

2.2. Mojibur Doftori: “Adapting Nordic Popular Education Model in Developing Countries: A Study on Study Circles in Bangladesh, Chile and Tanzania”

16.2. Akif Cem Özkardes: “Euroscepticism: Achilles’ heel of Europe? How do Icelandic and Finnish Euroscepticisms differ from each other in terms of their characteristics and causes?”

2.3. Alan Granadino: “From Utopia to IKEA – The Brand ‘Nordic Model’ in the Spanish Left in the 1970s and the 2010s”

16.3. Corinna Casi: The Value of Barents Region: Ethical and Ecological considerations on the Non-Economic value of its Natural Environment”

30.3. Tuuli From: “Language as symbolic capital in a bilingual school space in Finland and Sweden”

13.4. Ainur Elmgren: “En folkfront för folkväldet – 1930-talets intellektuella mellan statsmakten och de medborgerliga rättigheterna”/”Human Rights Before the Fact – A Finnish Journalist’s Evolving Struggle for Rights and Liberties in 1932-1939”

27.4. Elina Hakoniemi: “”Democracy of Bildung” in social democratic educational ideas ca. 1945-1970″

11.5. Eija Stark: “Minorities in majority folktales and proverbs”

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian room). Welcome!

Seminar Schedule for Autumn 2016

01.09. Ilkka Kärrylä – “From Democratization to Deregulation: The flourishing and fall of economic democracy in Finnish politics”

29.09. Sophy Bergenheim – “Non-governmental expert organisations, crisis and underdog trauma: Constructing public health and the ‘folk’”

13.10. Jana Lainto – “From Heretic Warriors to Beacons of Modernity: The Image of the Nordic Countries in the Central Europe”

27.10. Elina Hakoniemi – “Educational progress narratives in the social democratic labour movement of Finland”

10.11. Sophie Holm – “‘…the King answers by himself in Swedish’ – The languages of diplomacy in eighteenth-century Sweden”

24.11. Tuire Liimatainen – “Identity and representation among third generation Sweden Finns” and Merle Wessel – ”Eugenics and Feminism – Concepts of Body, Sexuality and Citizenship”

  • Please note that this seminar session lasts until 7 pm. After the seminar you are warmly welcomed to join post-seminar Christmas glögi at the Russian Room.

08.12. No seminar

Seminar`s Spring Schedule

All our spots in the spring are taken now. Here you find a list with all the dates and presenters:

03.03. Jani Marjanen “The Concept of  Nationalism in Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Finnish Newspapers”

17.03. Miika Tervonen ““Roma migrants and Nordic migration regimes: points of historical
comparison, 1860-1956”

31.03. (14-16, Unioninkatu 40, Sali 30!!)  Elina Hakoniemi – “Education for the Class, the Society and the Welfare State – Social Democratic Educational Ideas in Finland and Sweden 1890–1970”

14.04. Mats Fridlund – “The imagineered community: The mutual shaping of Swedish industrial nationalism, national power and electrification”

28.04. Kristina Malmio – “Senmodern spatialitet i finlandssvensk prosa 1990–2010” (Paper in Swedish, presentation and discussion in English)





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