Participate in research

How does sexual and gender-based harassment appear among young people?

How should we talk about sexual and gender-based harassment and young people?

You have a chance to participate in making young people’s voices heard.

Participate in  a study that explores the views and experiences of young people (15-29 year olds) on the topic of sexual and gender-based harassment. Your participation can help in gaining important knowledge.

You can participate in an online interview, also with a friend or as part of a group.

You can also participate via this form. The form includes questions that you can use in responding, or you can use the form for writing about the topic in your own words. The form is sent securely and anonymously, and you cannot be identified on its basis.

If you want to participate in an interview, please contact me via email or by phone/text message: 050-4488621.

The research seeks for a wide variety of views among young people on the topic of sexual or gender-based harassment in different contexts, including online contexts and social media. The interest is in opinions and perspectives on the topic. You do not need to have personal experiences of sexual or gender-based harassment to participate in the research.