En route

Here you can see the route that we are travelling on:

The route in 2019, following as faithfully as possible the original 1909 trail (Background: Google Maps).
En route in 1909 (Photo Museovirasto VKK156:42, CC-BY-4.0).

Off to the field!

Now all preparations are done and it’s time to head on the steppe! Bags are packed, horse-powers are ready and cart is oiled (well, a Toyota) and all batteries are loaded (archaeological fieldwork nowadays seems to often consist to a big part of loading batteries).

Weather is also nicely on our side. Last week it still snowed in Ulaanbaatar and there is snow on the mountains, but the last two days have been getting summer-like, and the rivers should not be running too high.

Sakari Pälsi, G.J. Ramstedt and J.G. Granö during a chance meeting on the steppe (Photo: Tapani Unkuri 1909; coloured).

A press release on the University of Helsinki page (in Finnish): https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/uutiset/kieli-kulttuuri/retkikunta-suuntaa-suomalaisten-tutkimusmatkailijoiden-jaljille-mongoliaan