Welcome to follow a scientific expedition to Mongolia in 2019

Welcome to follow the preparation and carrying out of a Finnish-Mongolian scientific expedition to Mongolia in 2019!

This project is part of ongoing Finnish-Mongolian archaeological research co-operation by archaeologists Jamsranjav Bayarshaikhan (National Museum of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar) and Oula Seitsonen (University of Helsinki/University of Oulu, Finland), and funded by the Nordenskiöld-samfundet (Finland).

Our expedition will re-trace the trail of a Finnish 1909 expedition to Mongolia, by Finnish researchers archaeologist Sakari Pälsi and linguist, and later a diplomat, G.J. Ramstedt, and re-document the prehistoric sites mapped by them 110 years earlier with the newest technology, such as drone photography and 3D modelling using photogrammetric methods.

We will post updates on the progress of our project on this website as we carry on preparing for the expedition. Enjoy a short trailer of our field research!

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