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From year 2020 onwards I have worked as a researcher at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Juvenia – youth research and development centre, at the project FREERIDE: Are there free tickets? Children’s independence and equality in mobility and physical activity following a free bus ride –experiment in the city of Mikkeli (years 2020-2021) and  DEQUAL: capturing digital society inequality – young digi-natives’ asymmetrical agencies within socio-technical imperatives and imaginaries. I am also chief-editor of the journal Nuorisotutkimus.

In year 2019 I worked as a university researcher at the University of Jyväskylä in the project Promoting equal access and tackling discrimination against gender and sexual minorities in sport and physical education (PREACT) I have worked many years as a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Youth Research Network. In 2018 I worked in the project From the fields to the cabinets of power – and vice versa: a cross-section on civic engagement in sport and exercise, led by Mikko Salasuo. In 2015 I carried on my postdoctoral study “Family, social class and the leisure sports-activities of children and youth” as a part of a the same project. This is an ethnographical study of the young people in their sports-activities in metropolitan area of Finland and in smaller city Southern Finland. In this study I have interviewed young people (engaged in football or track and field) their parents and coaches and done ethnographic fieldwork. I am interested in the intersections of locality, social class, ethnicity and gender.

I have also studied young adults in the the changing labour market and  and young adults in the margins of labour market. My expertise relates to social psychology, gender studies, ethnography, embodiment, sports, and youth studies.

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