Reinis Svarcbahs

M.Sc. (Pharm.)
PREP in Neurodegenerative Disorders Group Researcher
PhD student

PhD student Reinis Svarcbahs started as a PhD student on September 2013. His project clarifies the role of PREP protein for alpha-synuclein aggregation process in vitro and in vivo, and effects of PREP on cellular clearance of aSyn aggregates.


M.Sc. (Pharm.),  University of Latvia, Riga, 2013

  • Main subject pharmacology


Svacbahs R, Julku U, Norrbacka S, Myöhänen TT: Removal of prolyl oligopeptidase reduces alpha-synuclein toxicity in cells and in vivo. Scientific Reports 8: 1552, 2018

Svarcbahs R, Julku U, Myöhänen TT: Inhibition of Prolyl Oligopeptidase Restores Spontaneous Motor Behavior in the α-Synuclein Virus Vector–Based Parkinson’s Disease Mouse Model by Decreasing α-Synuclein Oligomeric Species in Mouse Brain. Journal of Neuroscience

Julku U, Panhelainen AE, Tiilikainen SE, Svarcbahs R, Tammimäki AE, Piepponen TP, Savolainen MH, Myöhänen TT: Prolyl Oligopeptidase Regulates Dopamine Transporter Phosphorylation in the Nigrostriatal Pathway of Mouse. Molecular Neurobiology, 2016

Vrublevska K, Jekabsons K, Rugaja Z, Zile I, Svarcbahs R, Kurlovics J, Afanasjeva  K, Ligere R, Tarasevičius E, Muceniece R: Antidepressant use in Latvia: national trends, regional diferences and pharmacists observations. Medicina (Kaunas) 2011; 47 Suppl 2: 97-104.

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