Our Submission Guidelines

The QFV Blog aims to promote dialogue between scholars engaging with queer theory, gender studies, social work, law, and sociology who deal with violence against LGBTQI+ people or perpetrated by them in the private settings of the family and the related issues. We welcome original contributions which provide high quality analysis of recent issues, challenges, problems, lacunas and so on.

Guidelines for Contributions
Posts must be between 400-900 words in length.

Posts should include hyperlinks to relevant sources and background information, including any laws, treaties, policy papers or other legal texts and research articles which are mentioned. Hyperlinks must link only to respected sources. The editors make the final decision over what constitutes a respectable source. Please do not use footnotes.

Posts should be clear and concise, leaving out excessive jargon and verbiage. Posts which are submitted must be fully proofread and must conform to good academic style.

Posts should have informative titles from which a reader can tell what the post is about.

Blog posts are published in English but publications in other languages are welcome as far as they come with a translated English version.

Posts should reflect original work.

Cross-posting or publication on other platforms is permissible only with the permission of the Editors of the QFV Blog.

We thank our contributors in advance for sticking to these guidelines, which help us maintain our high standards and ensure the Blog is a space where authors can get their ideas out to a wide audience!

Contributor’s Agreement
By submitting a post to the blog, the Contributor guarantees that the post is a product of their work and is unpublished. Contributors also permit the QFV to use their post, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis in online and offline publications