Workshop 2

Queering Intimate Partner- and Dating Violence, 2-3 december, 2021, Dublin, Ireland

The workshop continues the discussion on violence involving LGBTQI+ people as both victims and perpetrators. This time, we propose to direct analytic attention to the violent dynamics between intimate partners or in dating encounters. We invite contributions on the diverse forms of violence, as well as on theoretical frameworks and methodologies of violence, histories of intimate partner- and dating violence, and the ways institutions deal with it. The workshop is designed to go beyond common-sense narratives in the analysis of intimate partner and dating violence. We welcome new frameworks that would queer and illuminate both violent relationships and violent encounters.

The workshop will include the following large themes:

  • Theoretical approaches to queering intimate partner and dating violence
  • Cisgendered heteronormativity of narratives about intimate partner violence
  • Forms of violence and violent dynamics of intimate queer relationships
  • Violent encounters between strangers: dating apps, cruising sites, and queer life

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