Workshop 3

Queering Family Violence, 22-23 June, 2022, Reykjavik


Our third workshop invites authors of the abstracts selected to be included in the special issue of the Journal of Family Violence to develop their draft papers.

In this special issue, we investigate violence not only in same-sex families but in families of various types, including heterosexual families, where queerness is part of the picture. Hence, we look at official same-sex families or unofficial cohabitations, a family with queer children, or a heterosexual family where one of the parents comes out as gay. We also look at violence queerly and investigate the role of non-intimate family members in violence such as domestic animals or even plants. These perspectives add new reflections to the studies of violence: they bring in the variety of queer aspects of family relationships.

The following themes are included in our discussion:

  • Theoretical approaches to queering family violence
  • Violence between queer intimate partners
  • Violence against queer children
  • Violence against queer elderly
  • Dating violence in queer relationships
  • Cisgendered heteronormativity of narratives about intimate partner violence
  • Forms of violence and violent dynamics of intimate queer relationships
  • Violent encounters between strangers: dating apps, cruising sites, and queer life
  • Health and violent queer relationships
  • Intersectionality and queering family violence

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