The project aims at organising three multidisciplinary workshops to bring together studies of violence against LGBTQI+ people within the family. By organising workshops where participants will present their multidisciplinary studies of queer family violence, we will initiate conversations in this emerging field of study. We will explore intersections of many systems of power, concentrating on that of age, gender and race. By focusing on the intersection between sexuality and age, we will expand our attention to social care and social work. The project will focus on the Nordic countries in the comparative perspective of world LGBTQI+ family violence research within the queer theory and family violence theories intersection.

Workshop 1. Queering Family Violence: Setting Agenda For Queer Wellbeing, Helsinki, 23-27 November 2020, online

Workshop 2. Queering Intimate Partner- and Dating Violence, Dublin, 2-3 December, 2021, hybrid 

Workshop 3. Queering Family Violence Special Writing Workshop, Reykjavik, 22-23 June 2022, hybrid