General information and contacts

European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape — RISCAPE — is a H2020 funded project to map the international landscape of research infrastructures, in particular in respect to the major European research infrastructures.

In more layman terms, this project is concentrating on finding out what kind of major research facilities exist worldwide and how do the European facilities position themselves in the comparison.

The main users of this information are different governmental and regional funding agencies, research infrastructures themselves and researchers in general.

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Project Basic Facts

Funded by the European Commission H2020 programme via Grant no. 730974

Start of the project: 1.1.2017

End of the project 31.12.2019

Total budget: 1999867.50 EUR

General contact information


Dr. Ari Asmi,
University of Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 770 9729



MSc. Mika Rantanen,
University of Helsinki, Finland
Twitter: @ri_landscape