Stakeholder panel and users


 The panel’s mission is to provide guidance in:

  • Aiding selecting the European RIs to be used in the engagement, especially if RIs outside of the ESFRI roadmap/landscape are considered;
  • Selecting the international RIs to analyze, and the methods used, taking into account the project resources;
  • Providing guidance on the progress of the project in general.


Panel members are selected for their high level of knowledge and skills regarding the Research Infrastructure landscape and on user communities of the RISCAPE report. The Panel will consist of 10-15 members approximately, representing ESFRI panels, OECD, national infrastructure contact points and potentially other key stakeholders, such as representatives of research communities or other international agencies. European Commission representatives are invited to the SP meetings as observers. The Stakeholder Panel will then agree together on the work practices, meeting schedules and communications to the represented communities.

Detailed list of the members are defined as soon as the panel invitations are accepted.


Validation meeting: the Stakeholders Panel will be asked to assess and validate the main common tools including the common methodology and the Dissemination Plan

Review meeting: a mid-term review is foreseen in order to assess the status of the activities including the draft international landscape analysis.

Demonstration meeting: the objective is to confirm/endorse the results of the landscape analysis report in specific disciplines (i.e. environmental, biomedical, physics, engineering, energy, astronomy, social science, cultural heritage, etc.) the dissemination strategy and the report on the international landscape analysis are coherent with the expected impact of RISCAPE.