Research Projects

CanSEE Group Research Projects

Collaborative Research Projects

  • Proxy system modelling of ultraviolet effects on pollen chemistry (PRiSM)
    (Lead by Alistair Seddon – University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Evolutionary roots of the multiple stress tolerance in plants (EREMITA)
    (Lead by Ismael Aranda, Nacho Garcia-Plazaola, Juame Flexis, Javier Martinez-Abaigar,  funded by the Spanish Research Council)
  • MultiBeech: Modelling the distribution range of beech: the role of intra-specific multi-trait variation .
    (Lead by Marta Benito-Garzon, INRA, Bordeaux)
  • There is more to light than we can see: How do trees use light quality to sense the start and end of a growing season?
    (Lead by Line Nybakken, Norwegian Life Science University)
  • Development of LED panels for greenhouse lighting (Light Drop)
    (Lead by Jakub Nezval, University of Ostrava)
  • Mechanisms for sunlight to control biogeochemical cycles in a temperate forest .
    (Lead by QingWei Wang, JSPS Fellow, Japan)

Research at Helsinki University

  • The role of aquaporins in plant water relations: hydraulic architecture and the control of water loss (Master’s project: David Israel, co-supervised with Kurt Fagerstedt)
  • Acclimation of stomatal responses to light: environmental cues, strategies and mechanisms (with Pedro Aphalo and Fang Wang)
  • Integrative Biodiversity Science (INBIOS)
  • The interactive effects on light-shade and drought-water on photosynthetic capacity and stomatal conductance in Nothofagus and Fagus sp. (with Alexandra Chatelet and Saara Hartikainen)
  • Persistent memory of drought and shade affecting phenology of tree seedlings (with Orianne L’Oiseau and Antti Takolander)