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Beyond LCDM – science, scenery and a prize!

From January 14-17, Oslo’s famous Holmenkollen played a fitting backdrop to the remarkable Beyond LCDM conference, an assembly of cosmologists from all over the world, working within and without the so-called standard model.

The conference venue on the Holmenkollen View over Oslo from the Holmenkollen

For those of us who have learned to refer to LCDM as the “standard model” of cosmology, it gave an insight into the range of alternatives out there, while those in the community hoping to slay the LCDM dragon were reminded that, outrageous and ugly as it may seem, LCDM continues to be notoriously tough to beat with observational evidence.

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Dirac Day

Dirac Day is being held in Durham, and I have prepared another augmented reality poster using DARO (This time exploring the state container, which allows for much greater flexibility). As before, the augmented reality elements will work if the poster is viewed on your screen just like the printed poster.

If you have just scanned the QR code using your phone, but you are reading this message, you probably have not installed the DARO viewer yet. Please speak to me – I’ll be happy to lend you my tablet. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of DARO for your phone from the DARO project website. I can also help you install it.

DARO is being developed in Durham by Jascha Schewtschenko. If you are interested, please contact him via the DARO website.