Present: Kajar Köster (chair), Kira Ryhti, Liisa Kulmala, Petteri Pyykkö, Homa Ghasemi, Maiju Kosunen, Outi-Maaria Sietiö, Jussi Heinonsalo, Mari Pihlatie, Christine Ribeiro.

Short round:

Webpage for Soil Guidance Group available (with next meeting information and minutes from previous meetings)

Round presentation, and catch up on what everyone has been doing for the past two weeks: Kajar (Fire experiment possible in Canada in summer of 2018, LDD journal and its similarity index calculation program called iThenticate), Kira (fine roots in whole-tree carbon balance), Liisa (everything is under control!), Petteri (MSc student, introduced his works dealing with CH4 from Lettosuo), Homa (MSc Student, introduced her work dealing with methane emission from tree stem), Outi-Maaria (working with manuscripts), Jussi (explained his working tasks in different places), Mari (still on holiday mood!), Christine (struggling with HWSD software and processing data for her first manuscript).

Kira Ryhti’s presentation (Trenching experiment results from Hyytiälä) regarding her current activities and some results that will be in her next manuscript

Kajar shows the report on his paper that returned from Land Degradation and Development becasue to high similarity index. Ithenticate software.


Next meetings 1st December and 15th of December room 529, 12:30.

Presentations by Mari Mäki and Christine Ribeiro (Problem, how to work through the HWSD software)