Job opportunity: GPU-programmer for scientific computing

The Space Physics Group at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, is a leading European research group specialised in numerical modelling of space plasmas using high-performance computing. We develop Vlasiator, massively hybrid-parallelized simulation in order to investigate the near-Earth space. We are now looking to hire a GPU-programmer to join our team in a software engineer position.

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WE ARE HIRING: Two Postdoctoral Fellow Positions (remote work possible)

The Space Physics Group of the University of Helsinki is a leading European space physics group specialised both in observations and theoretical/computational modelling of space plasmas. We develop in particular the global magnetospheric hybrid-Vlasov simulation Vlasiator and have a strong focus on solar eruptions and planetary radiation belts.
We are now opening two postdoctoral fellow positions for a 2-year project with possible extension, funded by the Academy of Finland. The postdoctoral fellows will focus on:
Postdoc 1: Using, developing and running Vlasiator to model space plasmas in extreme conditions
Postdoc 2: Applying Extreme Value Theory to  in situ measurements of electron fluxes in the Earth’s radiation belts.

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