Recruiting summer trainees for 2021

The UH Space Physics Group is recruiting summer trainees! Trainees will work with the space weather simulation Vlasiator and with projects investigating solar eruptions in the corona and interplanetary space. Both projects dealing with modelling and data analysis are possible. Experience with Python and basics of plasma physics are a plus, but not required. Most positions provide an excellent topic for BSc or MSc theses!

A short overview of some of our offered topics are listed below, full descriptions and staff members who can answer your questions can be found in our thesis section. Please indicate in your application which projects you are interested in and any preference between modelling, observations/data analysis or theory. Also, please indicate if you would like to do your BSc or MSc work based on your summer trainee work.

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JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Researcher Position in the Space Physics Group

The Space Physics Group of the University of Helsinki is a leading European space physics group specialised both in observations and theoretical/computational modelling of space plasmas. We are now opening a postdoctoral researcher position for a 2-year project, funded by the University of Helsinki. The postdoctoral researcher will focus on imaging of solar radio bursts associated with solar eruptions with the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR).

The candidate should hold a PhD in solar or space physics, or a related field. Prior knowledge and useful skills include experience with Python data analysis and radio observations. In particular, we welcome candidates with previous knowledge of radio interferometry.

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